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Chessie's Back & Made in the C.B.R. !

There are so many Beautiful sites to be seen here on the shore, and pretty much anywhere around the Chesapeake Bay Region. Its as easy as riding the country backroads to along the coast & beyond you never know what neat stuff you might stumble upon. This includes our Delicious Locally grown produce & home made goods. We make it a point to try as many of these goods as possible & usually were not disappointed.

Recently we started working closer with our local business folk to market their products and share the goodness with a bigger audience over this world that is called the Internet.

We first started by setting up our online store thru , and then had a Local artist ( My Nephew) design our logo for If you want to check out his Awesome artwork go to and yes this is a plug for him.

There's so many great local products out there its a little hard to decide which ones we want to promote. Our first two products we put out there with our own label on them were Chessie's Virginia Peanuts & Haymaker Goat Milk & Beer Soaps. These Monster gourmet peanuts are fantastic with a just a light Sea Salt, and received rave reviews by everyone we know. We also got great reviews on Amazon except by just a few who probably were selling a competitors peanut. Its tough out there in the online marketplace, but were learning.

The next we worked with locals to make was our Haymaker Goat Milk & Beer Soaps. Its a great combination for the skin, and to me is way better than any of this mass produced chemical ridden stuff. Threw hard work & marketing we've completely Sold Out of these 2 products, but don't worry as we plan on working directly with our local partners to bring more of the Best of the Bay products in the coming new year.

Last but not least is our latest product launch - Chessie's Salt Water Taffy which is one of our Biggest sellers. The great flavor with a smooth creamy texture, but not to sticky makes this a quite enjoyable treat. Another great C B R product we plan on making more of, and expanding on. Click on the picture below to check it out on Amazon. Thanks for looking, and hopefully we'll see ya out there real soon, Mike Draper.

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